Things you can avoid

There are things right now you can do that many feel will help combat the symptoms of Depression and Anxiety.


Some effectors in our daily lives are known to increase anxiety and depression such as:


— Soda/Caffeine

— Added sugars

— Being overweight

— Unhealthy eating habits and a poor diet

— Alcohol and drug misuse

— Using electronics (cell phone, tablet, television) before bed,

     which can be unnaturally stimulating


Things you can do now

We advocate promoting healthy living. Exercise and proper nutrition have been shown to have a significant positive effect in relieving depression and anxiety symptoms. 


Things you can do now::


— Eat more fruits, vegetables, and unprocessed foods

— Get enough rest

— Exercise on a regular basis

— Use relaxation techniques such as deep rhythmic breathing, meditation, yoga and reading

— Stay in the present

— Keep a gratitude journal (being grateful for what we have will prevent us from feeling depressed or anxious about the things we don’t have).


and Anxiety


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